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Date: March 16 and 17, 2017

Location: Hilton Hotel ( 16615 109 ave NW, Edmonton, AB)

Registration is closed Now. Treaty 8 Education is eagerly waiting to see you at the symposium.

Workshop Sessions:

2017 Treaty 8 Education Symposium

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DYNAMIC DUOS...Effective E.A. /Teacher Teams In The Inclusive Classroom
Faciliator: Sonia Yudcovitch

MARCH 16 1:00                              MALIGNE 50

In this workshop participants will:

  • Learn role clarification for teaching teams
  • Understand the parameters of the E.A. role
  • Become familiar with the “Line of Authority” for the referral process for students
  • Clarify teacher/E.A duties in the area of instruction, assessment and reporting
  • Review the range of Special needs students according to diagnosis and coding
  • Learn specific proactive intervention strategies that are easy to implement in the classroom.


Language Learning with Laughter...A specialized Approach for E.A.'S
Facilitator: Sonia Yudcovitch

MARCH 16 2:45                              MALIGNE 50

In this workshop participants will:

  • Be guided through all the strands of the Alberta Language Arts program with activities and performances that students of all ages enjoy
  • Engage in some lively approaches to teaching reading, writing and spelling
  • Learn some interesting ways for students to represent what they have learned

Become familiar with “Assistive Technology” and the effective use of this to enhance student performance.

Verbally De-Escalating Crisis Situations
Faciliator: Lyndsay Fleming

MARCH 16 1:00                              MORRAINE 50

Learn about and develop strategies for de-escalating potentially crisis situations using verbal strategies.  This session will discuss what a crisis situation is and strategies to resolve situations before they escalate to violence.

Familial Curriculum

Facilitator: Janice Huber

MARCH 16 2:45                              MORRAINE 50

Familial curriculum making attends to children’s life making in their home, family, and community places. This session will make visible aspects of one young Indigenous child’s familial curriculum making prior to and during her Kindergarten year in school. 

Science Made Simple: Engaging and inspiring students with hands-on science in the classroom
Facilitator: TBA

MARCH 16 1:00                 AMETHYST 50

In this interactive workshop, educators from the TELUS World of Science (TWOSE) will lead you through a variety of hands-on, low cost ways to engage your students with science in the classroom. Presenters will share resources, curriculum links, as well as tips and tricks for teaching science in a fun and exciting way. Come ready to roll up your sleeves and have some fun!

Land Based Learning

Facilitator: Jason Big Charles

MARCH 16 1:00                              EMERALD 50

MARCH 16 2:45                              EMERALD 50

Jason BigCharles is a Land Based Learning specialist for Kee Tas Kee Now Tribal Council (KTC). He has developed and planned week long culture camps for students from Grade 4 – 12 based on the Woodland Cree traditions and customs.  This session is designed to have teachers think of the benefits students experience with land-based learning; while teachers learn to identify curriculum outcomes within land based learning and make connections with in-school programming.

Women’s Teachings
Faciliator: Rebecca Martell

MARCH 16 1:00                   SBCC#7 70

We come together to honour the sacred journey of women. As we join in ceremony with respectful and open hearts, the ancient teachings of women will provide an opportunity to strengthen and heal, as well as assist in gathering and developing our collective strength for future generations.

Rebecca Martell

MARCH 16 2:45                  SBCC#7 70

The living knowledge of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) comes from the children and families whose lives are intimately affected by FASD. The silent message from their experience is a gift of knowledge that moves us to a deeper understanding of the effect of alcohol on the unborn child and the person he or she will be in the world. What we hear when we listen with our heart, teaches us what to do to support the child through the life challenges that come with living with FASD. What we do teaches us grace and feeds our spirit and the soul of our communities.

Cree Protocol

Facilitator: Leonard Cardinal

MARCH 17 9:00                              MALIGNE 50

MARCH 17 10:40                            MALIGNE 50 

The workshop is designed to help you understand traditional protocols and their benefits in the classroom. Accessing a Wealth of Wisdom with the use of Traditional Protocols. Indigenous people all over the world lived in highly advanced societies throughout history. They were able to understand the star systems and planets as well as the elements of nature. They were the mathematicians the doctors, visionary’s and wisdom keepers.

Today indigenous people still hold strong to their teachings, related to land base learning. This connection is once again being sought out by different learning institutions and entities. In the workshop you will be taught how to access information to be used to enhance education self-empowerment and a re connection to your higher learning.

A Closer Look at Syllabics

Faciliator: Reuben Quinn

MARCH 17 9:00                              AMETHYST 50

MARCH 17 10:40                            AMETHYST 50


Syllabics is another name associated with the writing system however vulgar and inaccurate that description is. Syllabics is commonly understood by ‘intellects’ as being the descriptor of the nehiyaw writing system.

The Star Chart has a myriad of philosophical meaning, numbers, and the teachings arising from its unique structure. All of its significance is explored and discussed in the course of the nehiyaw language lessons program.

Reuben also engages participants in discussion(s) for their understanding precolonial nehiyaw written history. The objective of this is to expand the collective perspective of the participants.


Faciliator: Lorraine Cardinal

MARCH 17 10:40                CBCC#7

Traditional storytelling teaches children, youth and adults the values of life. Listen as a traditional story is being told and learn how the story can be used to develop skills for students.

Behaviour Strategies: A Smooth Ride On A Bumpy Road
Facilitator: Grace MacLellan

MARCH 17 9:00                              SBCC#7 70

Session participants will walk away with many practical, research-derived classroom management ideas that support student learning. This fun, fast paced session will touch on many outcomes including: reduction of minor disruptions in the class, increase in student on-task behavior, reduction in office referrals, as well as stronger relationships between staff and students. Interactive simulations, brain breaks, demonstrations, and depending on time; practice sessions interwoven with humor and real life stories provide for an exciting, practical and creative professional development opportunity.

Brain Breaks
Facilitator: Grace MacLellan

MARCH 17 10:40                SBCC#7 70

Brain Breaks are quick 1-5 minute activities for your classroom or audience. They take virtually no preparation and many require no extra materials to perform. Students and audiences of all ages love them. Why do they love them? Because they are fun and often make you laugh. They also challenge your brain. Energizing Brain Breaks help you to cross the mid-line of your body which helps both sides of your brain engage. Studies suggest using Brain Breaks every 30 minutes with your class or audience. You can imagine a class of students sitting most of the day. Brain Breaks help student to stand up and be active and therefore more readily engage with the teaching and learning.

Jump Math

Facilitator: Charlene MacKenzie

MARCH 17 9:00                 MORRAINE 50

MARCH 17 10:40               MORRAINE 50

This session will introduce the key concepts of the JUMP Math program. We will look at the unique features of a JUMP Math lesson and discuss why we believe that every child can learn Math and love it.

Improving Student Engagement through Improved Communication Abilities

Facilitator: Megan Stock, Registered Speech-Language Pathologist

MARCH 17 9:00          EMERALD 50

This session will cover some common physical and environmental barriers to good communication and learning in the classroom setting and some solutions to reduce these barriers; we will also discuss universal strategies that can be used daily in the classroom to help improve both general and specific communication abilities.  Participants in this session will be invited to share challenges they are currently facing regarding student communication, engagement, and participation and time will be saved to discuss and problem solve so they can leave with ideas to help address these issues.  

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3rd annual Treaty 8 Writing Contest – Results

April 4, 2016April 4, 2016
Dear Principals,
I am very happy to report that the 3rd annual Treaty 8 Writing Contest was very successful with over 110 student entries and 6 schools participating. Every student entry will receive a certificate of participation.  Each Division Winner will receive a $100.00 gift card and the runner ups will receive a $50.00 gift card. I am pleased to announce the winners and runner ups for each division.
Division One:
  • Winner- Deshaye Coleman from Driftpile School with his report on Polar Bears
  • Runner Up- Latisha Alook from Chief Tallcree with her report on Eagles
  • Runner Up- Denzel Chalifoux from Driftple School with his report on Eagles
  • Division Two:
  • Winner- Kiana Auger from Clarence Jaycox School with her report on Elephants Runner Up- Shenoa Auger from Clarence Jaycox School with her report on Octopus
  •   Division Three:
  • Winner – Lesleigh Madison Noskey from Clarence Jaycox School with her report on Lacrosse
  • Runner Up- Kayla Alook from Jean Baptise Sewepagaham School with her report on Fingerpull
  • Division Four:
  • Winner- Naokan Adams from Jean Baptise Sewepagaham School with her report on Rebellion.
  •   Writing begins in Kindergarten and to encourage these students to get writing the two kindergarten classes that participated in the writing contest will each receive a class award of a $50.00 gift card. The two K5 classes are from Driftpile School and Fox Lake Elementary School.
    Thank you to all of the schools, teachers and students who were encouraged to write.
    Christina Jervah-
    Literacy and Numeracy Specialist for Treaty 8 First Nations  of Alberta


    December 16, 2015December 16, 2015
    Date: August 25, 2015 Another First Nation within Treaty No. 8 is holding a cultural camp to raise awareness on a "broken First Nation consultation policy". Swan River First Nation, along with Driftpile Cree Nation, is the second community in recent months to set up a cultural camp to highlight the unabated development activity happening on their traditional territory... Read the full Press Release here


    December 16, 2015
    Date: October 21, 2015 Yesterday, the Treaty 8 Chiefs met with Premier Notley at a meeting between the provincial government and the Chiefs of Treaty No. 8.  This meeting was composed of the Premier, Ministers, and the Chiefs from across northern Alberta.  The Chiefs have expressed their cautious optimism after the meeting... Read the full Press Release here