Advisory Councils

The Model identifies the need for on-going community involvement and input in all matters related to education. The Terms of Reference for each of the Advisory Groups have been developed. The Advisory Councils are: the Elder, Women, Parent, Youth, and Administrator Councils and the Leadership Committee on Education.
• Advise Regional Education Steering Committee
• Advise Director of Education
• Advise Treaty 8 First Nations of Alberta

Elder's Advisory Council
Nation Elders
Athabasca Chipewyan Rene Bruno
Beaver Albert Kazoney
Bigstone Elsie Gladue
Eugene Kotash
Chipewyan Prairie David Janvier
Dene’ Tha Jeanne Chonkolay
Gabriel Didzena
Driftpile Roger Okimaw
George Giroux
Duncan’s Harry Lawrence
Orval Gladue
Fort McKay Celina Harpe
Lina Gallup or alt.
Fort McMurray Violet Clarke
Horse Lake Doug Horseman
Joe Horseman
Kapawe’no Harry Laboucan
Rose Laboucan
Little Red Warren Burntail
Daniel Auger
Loon River Felix Noskey
Frank Noskey
Lubicon Lake Henry Laboucan
Michael Laboucan
Mikisew Cree Theresa Tuccaro
Charlie Simpson
Peerless/Trout Elizabeth Quintal
Flora Cardinal
Sawridge Bertha Twinn-L’Hirondelle
Clara Midbo
Smith’s Landing Gabe Sepp
George Vermillion
Sturgeon Lake Peter Kiyawasew
Joe Moses or Michael David
Sucker Creek (2 selected for each meeting)
Swan River Rod Twin
Gordon Courtoreille
Tallcree Nancy Hamelin
Alfred Meneen
Whitefish Tommy Oar
Danny Laboucan
Woodland Cree Joe Whitehead Sr.
Archie Cardinal
Name First Nation
Chyanne Kipling Beaver
 Camilla Marcel/ Victoria Marten  Athabasca Chipewyan
 Raymond Tecomba  Dene tha
 Khianna Ribbonleg  Little Red River
 George Marrier Jr  Woodland
Megan Shott Chipewyan Prairie
Jeremy Tecomba Dene Tha
Vanessa Testawich Duncan
Kayla Boucher Fort McKay
Tasha Horseman Horse Lake
Silas Sawan Loon River
Nipon Vermillion Mikisew Cree
Seth Goodswimmer Sturgeon Lake
Anson Cheezie Smith’s Landing
Jordan Koski Sucker Creek
Bradley Twin Swan River
Faith D’Or Tallcree
Keyleo Longmore Whitefish Lake
Terri-Lynn L’Hirondelle Woodland
Name First Nation
Tania Dashcavich  Athabasca Chipewyan
Tina Lizotte Beaver
Norma Chalifoux Fort McMurray
Nathan Horseman Horse Lake
Carol Laboucan Lubicon Lake
Terry Okemow Peerless Trout @478
Geraldine Bulldog Beaver
Marina Nokohoo Chipewyan Prairie
Alexis Mercredi Dene Tha
Lynn Noskey Duncan
Peggy Grandjambe Fort McKay
  Fort McMurray
Nathan Horseman Horse Lake
Mildred Ribbonleg Little Red River – Fox Lake
Charlene Sawan Loon River
  Lubicon Lake
Pam Gibot Mikisew Cree
  Peerless Trout @478
Darcy Twin Sawridge
Shane Kiyawasew Sturgeon Lake
Stephanie Cheezie Smith’s Landing
Mickey Calliou Sucker Creek
Paula Cardinal Swan River
Peggy Meneen Tallcree
Terrilynn Auger Whitefish Lake
Kathleen Laboucan Woodland
Name First Nation
Danielle Voyager Athabasca Chipewyan
 Kathleen (April) Isadore Driftpile
 Cleo Reece Fort McMurray
 Allison Gladue Lubicon Lake
 Laurel Noskiye Peerless Trout @478
Beverly Black Chipewyan Prairie
Crystal Campbell Duncan
Gena Calliou Fort McKay
June Horseman Horse Lake
Diane Halcrow Kapawe’no
Mandy Tallcree Little Red River (Garden River)
Mayble Noskey Loon River
Lorraine Cardinal Mikisew Cree
Jaclyn Twin Sawridge
Margaret Kappo Sturgeon Lake
Destiny Martin Smith’s Landing
Mary Willier Sucker Creek
Esther Giroux Swan River
Cynthia Meneen Tallcree
Violet Laboucan Whitefish Lake
Heather L’Hirondelle Woodland

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3rd annual Treaty 8 Writing Contest – Results

April 4, 2016April 4, 2016
Dear Principals,
I am very happy to report that the 3rd annual Treaty 8 Writing Contest was very successful with over 110 student entries and 6 schools participating. Every student entry will receive a certificate of participation.  Each Division Winner will receive a $100.00 gift card and the runner ups will receive a $50.00 gift card. I am pleased to announce the winners and runner ups for each division.
Division One:
  • Winner- Deshaye Coleman from Driftpile School with his report on Polar Bears
  • Runner Up- Latisha Alook from Chief Tallcree with her report on Eagles
  • Runner Up- Denzel Chalifoux from Driftple School with his report on Eagles
  • Division Two:
  • Winner- Kiana Auger from Clarence Jaycox School with her report on Elephants Runner Up- Shenoa Auger from Clarence Jaycox School with her report on Octopus
  •   Division Three:
  • Winner – Lesleigh Madison Noskey from Clarence Jaycox School with her report on Lacrosse
  • Runner Up- Kayla Alook from Jean Baptise Sewepagaham School with her report on Fingerpull
  • Division Four:
  • Winner- Naokan Adams from Jean Baptise Sewepagaham School with her report on Rebellion.
  •   Writing begins in Kindergarten and to encourage these students to get writing the two kindergarten classes that participated in the writing contest will each receive a class award of a $50.00 gift card. The two K5 classes are from Driftpile School and Fox Lake Elementary School.
    Thank you to all of the schools, teachers and students who were encouraged to write.
    Christina Jervah-
    Literacy and Numeracy Specialist for Treaty 8 First Nations  of Alberta


    December 16, 2015December 16, 2015
    Date: August 25, 2015 Another First Nation within Treaty No. 8 is holding a cultural camp to raise awareness on a "broken First Nation consultation policy". Swan River First Nation, along with Driftpile Cree Nation, is the second community in recent months to set up a cultural camp to highlight the unabated development activity happening on their traditional territory... Read the full Press Release here


    December 16, 2015
    Date: October 21, 2015 Yesterday, the Treaty 8 Chiefs met with Premier Notley at a meeting between the provincial government and the Chiefs of Treaty No. 8.  This meeting was composed of the Premier, Ministers, and the Chiefs from across northern Alberta.  The Chiefs have expressed their cautious optimism after the meeting... Read the full Press Release here